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HostLink (HK) Limited


Hostlink (HK) Limited was providing professional Internet services since 1998. Services including web hosting, email service, dedicate / virtual servers as well as a wide range of IT solutions.

Experienced Profile

With the plentiful experiences we have got, Hostlink (HK) Limited always committed to assist local enterprises & SMEs in their commercial difficulties with quality service. We always gets success on being IT consultants for customers by coordinate with their experienced IT supports, communication technology departments, web designer and marketing professionals.

Service Area

We provide series service of domain registration, web hosting, phone hosting, web design, programming, server tenancy and hosting and web promotion.

Domain Registration 域名註册

Hostlink (HK) Limited provides free priority domain name registration. Users can either register local or international domain name for corporation or individual through phone call or email application.

Web Hosting Service 網頁寄存服務

Our diversified development make customers to enjoy high-quality services. We are keeping update on customers’ system as we believe science and technology is in rapid development today, which is also our target to way far better than our competitors.

Email Service 電郵服務

The email service is design for the customer who’s in their requirements. In addition to IMAP and POP3 services, email virus filtering, SMTP service and email monitoring, we also provide email backup system for your need.

Server Service 伺服器託管服務

Server hosting is aim to renting server for users to usually apply on server or telecommunication equipment. It could further to access Internet or private network.

Web and System Customizing 定制網頁及系統

Our services include brand design, website design, visual design, booth design, web console design, we believe in a cost-effective website that not only includes attractive front page design, but it also needs to consider how to attract users

Cloud applications 雲端應用系統

The conciseness of the cloud application could further improve systems. Whether set up blogs, forum or any other electronic business, Hostlink would tailor-made different cloud application for various needs.

IT support 電腦技術支援

Over decades, we provide professional Internet services for many corporations. We always dedicated to provide quality support as with our experiences, to giving IT solutions for corporations.

Systems and program development 系統及程式開發

We possess a professional team in program development to create the most satisfied and quality software system for customer, which could help customer for time-saving but better profits and strategies.

EPOST Advertising Email System 電郵推廣系統

Epost is a software focusing on promotional emails sending (EDM – Email Direct Marketing). EDM is a way of corporate to have commercial exchange with customers by email sending, which could help enterprises to practice 3 aspects in develop new customers, maintain the existing customers and build up brand image.

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As an IT-aimed company, we are professional in Internet service, such as web hosting, email server, dedicated or virtual server with series of IT solutions.

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