EPOST email system

HostLink (HK) Limited

What is EPOST?

Epost is a software focusing on promotional emails sending (EDM – Email Direct Marketing) which is the key development of Hostlink (HK) Ltd. EDM is a way of corporate to have commercial exchange with customers by email sending, which could help enterprises to practice 3 aspects in develop new customers, maintain the existing customers and build up brand image.

In the hypothesis of customers’ permission, Epost can be an online marketing method to deliver advertising value to target user by email sending. There are basically 3 elements in email marketing including users’ permission, deliver key message and the message is valuable to users, however email marketing cannot be effective without anyone of the above elements. EDM is a direct selling way to have commercial exchange with customer, which also widely using online, become the most effective and traditional way of online marketing.

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Send email

Contact Email

Create an email

Production schedule

Sending results monitoring and analysis

  • Real-time monitoring and results analysis

  • View and modify sending time

  • Analyze the behavior of recipients and read rate

  • Un-subscribers analysis

  • Successfully sent
  • View number
  • Total rebound

Email Database

  • Unlimited no. of contacts
  • Backup function of import / export data
  • Organization of contact groups
  • Efficient promotion outcome

Personalized Templates

  • Multiple templates offering (coming soon)
  • Professional tools for text editing
  • User can design freely
  • Design and use users’ trademark

Sending Time Customization

  • Can set multiple send out day
  • Preset date and time
  • Send out time and data surveillance
  • Human resources saving

Optimum Sending Efficiency

  • Higher hit rate email sending
  • Free download and installation of online systems
  • Customized and targeted
  • Analyze email result

Superior customer service

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