IT tech. support

Has many years of web development and web design experience


Over 10 years of abundant experience in Internet service

We have provided professional IT support services for schools and colleges through years. Services are including hosting, email, dedicated/ virtual server, web design, professional programming and various IT solutions. We dedicate to offer quality service with the experiences obtained, try our best to solve IT difficulties for corporation, become IT consultant of different customer with our professional network technician, programmer, designer and marketing personnel.


Service of dedicated server is suitable for the college which require high consumption with their large-scale websites. Each customer could individually consume one dedicated server which could bring up speed and flexibility to their server, email service and web operation. To help college be concentrate on development, we will conduct intensive monitoring on every aspects, such as hard core quality, system maintenance and technical support. Therefore, dedicated server user could also save money and human resources input from buying, setting and maintaining advanced servers.



Virtual private server is a kind of low-cost server, which virtual doesn’t mean non-existence, but extended from real servers with aim at improve efficiency as well as lower cost. As sometimes it cannot fit for demand with only one server and the cost will also increase naturally, at that time VPS will be a great choice for achieving demand.



Server hosting is aim to renting server for users to usually apply on server or telecommunication equipment. It could further to access Internet or private network. For example, web owner can use our server hosting service by renting web server and broadband, to get information equipment and link solutions.



The email service is design for college which in their requirements. In addition to IMAP and POP3 services, email virus filtering, SMTP service and email monitoring, we also provide email backup system for you and extra email capacity if needed any. Our professional technicians always monitoring system to avoid any abnormal or illegal situation, guarantee customer could receive and send email normally, boost corporate image with high-speed, safe and stable email service.



Our service include brand image design, web design, visual design, booth design and system console design. We trust that to make a website being cost-effective, it is not only depends on attractive front page, but also have to think about attraction for maintaining steady page view in order to bring up professional image of colleges to browser shows educational concept.



Our self-developed POS system can calculate sales volume quickly, reflect sales status, stock, even buying behavior analysis of different group of buyer. Clients cloud therefore effectively understand buyers’ propensity to avoid in excess of demand for service quality boost. Institutions require complete management nowadays to handle staff, students, lectures, activities, theatre, schedule, etc. Hostlink can perfectly modify our POS system according to the cooperation with the management of institutions.